Tag: Kenneth Deitch

  • Activism by the Elderly

    As a group, we over 65ers have substantial non-working time. According to the US Census Bureau, in 2011 16.2% of us participated in the labor force. The participation rate falls off steeply with age. Among 65 – 69 year old men (2010 data), 35.8% were working. For 70 – 74 year olds 20.9% were employed, […]

  • Update on LTCI in Massachusetts: Law Passed, Implementation Stalled

    The Affordable Care Act has been front-page news from well before its passage in 2010 up through its present turbulent phase of getting up and running.  Questions, concerns, and controversies have abounded and continue to do so.  What impact will it have on benefits?  On premiums?  On cost to the taxpayer?  Similar questions are commonplace […]

  • Regulation of Long-Term Care Insurance in Massachusetts

    The time may come when any one of us will need outside help with certain basic activities, referred to collectively as the activities of daily living or ADLs.   Long-term care insurance (LTCI) is a resource for covering some or all of the costs of providing the care needed in that unfortunate situation.  It is not […]