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  • Response to Unreasonable Health Choices: Smoking cigarettes over age 65

    In her May 6 post about “Unreasonable Health Choices,” Sissela Bok poses the question of why people make unreasonable choices, using cigarette smoking as one example, since everyone knows that smoking is bad for your health.  In fact, during our lifetimes we have witnessed a revolution regarding attitudes and practices of smoking.  When I was […]

  • Trying to Practice What I Preached: Helping my Parents at the End of Their Lives

    Once again, the challenge of how to constrain rising health care expenditures has caught the public interest, stimulated by concerns over rising federal debt and limited ability to generate tax revenues. I recently chronicled my unsuccessful efforts at stimulating medical cost containment from both academic and foundation positions (1971–2002) in the April 23, 2011 issue […]