Supporters of Over 65

David Baltimore
President Emeritus
California Institute of Technology
Nobel Laureate in Biology

Dan Brock
Frances Glessner Lee Professor of Medical Ethics
Harvard Medical School

Derek Bok
President Emeritus
Harvard University

Sissela Bok
Harvard Center for Population and
Development Studies
Harvard School of Public Health

Joseph L. Bower
Baker Foundation Professor of Business
Harvard Business School

Daniel Callahan
President Emeritus
The Hastings Center

Christine Cassel, MD
American Board of Internal Medicine

Eric Cassell MD
Professor Emeritus of Public
Weill Cornell Medical School

Drew Christiansen, S.J.
America Magazine

Thomas Cole
Director of the McGovern Center for Humanities and Ethics
University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston

Harvey Cox
Hollis Research Professor of Divinity Emeritus
Harvard Divinity School

Thomas P. Duffy MD
Professor of Medicine
Yale School of Medicine

Margaret Farley
Gilbert L. Stark Professor
Emerita of Christian Ethics
Yale Divinity School

Renee C. Fox
Professor Emerita of Sociology
University of Pennsylvania

Daniel Fox
President Emeritus
Milbank Memorial Fund

Muriel Gillick
Professor of Population Medicine
Harvard Medical School

Jane Gross
Writer and Founder,
The New Old Age
New York Times

Edward S. Howard
Executive Vice President
Alliance for Health Reform

Sharon Kaufman
Professor of Medical Anthropology
Institute for Health & Aging
University of California, San Francisco

David Kindig MD
Professor Emeritus of Health Sciences
University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health

Robert Lawrence MD
Center for a Livable Future
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Carol Levine
MacArthur Fellow
Director, Families and Health Care Project
United Hospital Fund, NY

Ruth Macklin
Professor of Bioethics
Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Theodore R. Marmor
Professor Emeritus of Political Science
Yale School of Management

Martin Marty
Professor Emeritus of Modern Christianity
University of Chicago

Jerome Medalie, JD
Retired Lawyer, Dedham, MA
Sponsor, End-of-Life Issues Study Group, Yale University Interdisciplinary Center for Bioethics

Diane Meier MD
MacArthur Fellow
Director, Center for Advance Palliative Care
Mt. Sinai Medical Center, NY

Harry R. Moody
Director of Academic Affairs

James Evan Sabin MD
Clinical Professor of Population Medicine and of Psychiatry
Harvard Medical School

Steven A. Schroeder MD
Distinguished Professor of Health and Health Care,
University of California, San Francisco
President Emeritus,
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Rabbi Leonard A. Sharzer, MD
Senior Fellow in Bioethics
Finkelstein Institute of Religious and Social Studies
The Jewish Theological Seminary


2 responses to “Supporters of Over 65”

  1. Insulin dependent and how many years living with diabetes is not mentioned. Cost and the ability to afford medication and supplies is not mentioned. The cost of food and socializing and other support is not included.

  2. Richard Proulx

    I’m very interested, particularly diagnosis guidelines being applied to seniors.
    When my doctor (usually an assistant these days) tells me I’m officially diabetic because my A1c is just over 6, I always say “I’m actually a CDC diabetic”. I’m 81 and don’t have a single symptom of the 8-9. Love it!

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